Egyptian Parliament Documents Israel’s War Crimes

Raghad Khaled

Egyptian Parliament Along With the National Human Rights Council Document Israel’s War Crimes On Gaza

The Human Rights Committee at the House of Representatives alongside the National Council For Human Rights and 14 civil society organizations have documented war crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces against civilians in Gaza and all territories in Palestine.

During a joint meeting, Parliament Member Tarek Radwan announced the documentation of Israel’s war crimes against the civilians in Gaza.

In a statement, Radwan called for a peaceful two-state solution, to achieve true sustainable peace for the Palestinian people.

He cited international laws, also known as the laws of armed conflict, and accused Israel of war crimes.

He called Israel’s violations “genocide against the Palestinian people with extreme brutality and violence,” pointing out the occupying state’s use of internationally prohibited weapons.

He mentioned some of the war crimes committed by the zionist entity in the last month alone, including:

  • The bombing of the vicinity of the Al-Ahly Arab Hospital in southern Gaza killed 471 civilians.
  • 12 hospitals and 32 health centers went out of service due to the fuel shortage caused by Israel’s blockade.
  • The Israeli targeting of 160 schools with 19 of them now going out of service.
  • The damage to 40 facilities belonging to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA).
  • The destruction of places of worship including 32  mosques since 7 October.
  • He also cited a UNRWA report, which stated that 53 UNRWA staff members had been killed since 7 October.

A report on the number of Palestinian civilian deaths since October 7—nearly 9,000 as of right now, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health—was also included in Radwan’s statement.

The real number of casualties is significantly greater, he claimed because this does not include those who went missing under the debris or those who were buried without being taken to hospitals and signed.

Over 640,000 internally displaced people live in 150 UNRWA shelters spread throughout the Gaza Strip, according to Radwan.

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