Egyptian Rahma Zein Participated In The Pro-Palestine Protest At COP28

Farah Makhlouf

COP28 in Dubai’s Expo City is divided into zones and one of those zones, the UN-administered blue zone, permits demonstrations and peaceful protests to take place at the conference. In a very rare occurrence, Dubai has seen a few peaceful protests at COP28 that ask for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Yesterday, dozens of people gathered to protest, demanding a permanent ceasefire in Palestine

People from all walks of life, including indigenous people, were marching and holding signs that called for the end of violence towards Palestinians.


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Dressed in Palestinian keffiyehs and with a goal on their mind, the peaceful protest was a beautiful example of empathy and solidarity. One activist who’s been using her voice to evoke change was present at the protest yesterday. Her name is Rahma Zein, she’s Egyptian and has been sharing non-stop about the atrocities in Gaza on her Instagram.

Rahma first grasped the attention of the media when she courageously confronted CNN’s Clarissa Ward at the Rafah crossing. Clarissa is a journalist with CNN and was captured taking cover when airstrikes were being fired. However, sources stated this moment was staged.

Rahma was the girl who confronted CNN Journalist Clarissa Ward at Rafah, 2 weeks after the war was declared

In true humanitarian sentiment, Rahma participated in the peaceful protest in Dubai

She gave a powerful speech and led a chant. It was a very memorable day at COP28!


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