Egyptian Surgeon Ahmed Abd El-Aziz Heads To North Gaza

Raghad Khaled

A Hero To The Rescue! Egyptian Surgeon Ahmed Abd El-Aziz Heads To North Gaza:

Renowned as one of Egypt’s best orthopedic surgeons, and famous professor of orthopedic surgery at Cairo Medical School, aged 75 years old, Ahmed Abd El-Aziz was said to be headed to North Gaza as a part of a medical mission to treat injured Palestinians.

Saleh El Jafarawi, a Palestinian journalist who has been on the frontlines since October 7th documenting the genocide in Gaza, shared a post on his X account, praising the Egyptian doctor for his nobility and courage.

Although Saleh got the doctor’s name wrong, when the tweet was posted, it was swarmed with an army of users who swore the doctor’s work, and admired his bravery!

Doctor Abd El-Aziz’s Contributions to Helping Palestinian Patients:

It is important to note that doctor Ahmed was also one of the first surgeons to head to Al Arish to treat Palestinian patients transferred from Gaza.

He revealed to Cairo24 the details of performing surgeries on Gaza wounded inside Al-Arish General Hospital, noting that he had performed 21 operations almost 48 hours.

He revealed to the news agency that “the wounds coming out of Gaza horrying, and that he’s never seen something as brutal as this before,”

Dr. Abd El-Aziz also told them that “It’s the honorable thing to do, and our duty as doctors to help every patient.”

فريق طبى يقوم باجراء العمليات بمستشفى العريش العام

Now- as confirmed by Saleh El Jafarawi, Dr. Abd El-Aziz has entered the North of Gaza to fulfill his duty and support the medical staff in the Strip

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