Egyptian Youth Launches Online School to Support Gaza’s Students Amid War


After declaring war on the Gaza Strip, the infrastructure began to collapse, and both young and old sought refuge in hospitals and schools. The educational system came to a halt, prompting the Egyptian youth, Tamer Anwar, to lend a helping hand to those besieged in the region by launching an “Online School” for Palestinian students.

Tamer’s idea revolves around explaining the entire Palestinian curriculum through videos prepared by specialized teachers covering all subjects and grade levels, from the first grade to high school. These resources are offered for free and in the best possible manner, allowing students to access them after the war, during periods of ceasefire, for their convenience.

More than half of the educational curriculum for the first semester in all grades has been uploaded, and the remaining half will be added in the coming days. There are over 500 volunteers currently working in the Online School, and their numbers are growing as the desire to provide support and assistance to Palestinians increases.


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