Egypt’s First Response to the ICJ’s Decision Against Israeli Occupation


The Arab Republic of Egypt welcomed the decision of the International Court of Justice regarding its preliminary jurisdiction to consider Israel’s commission of genocide in the Gaza Strip and called for the implementation of several immediate provisional measures aimed at providing protection.

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday, it stated:

Israel must cease its commission of killing Palestinians, causing them physical or moral harm, or subjecting them to living conditions aimed at their material destruction, in addition to the court’s demand that Israel ensure the immediate provision of humanitarian needs in the Gaza Strip.


The Ministry further emphasized that Egypt had hoped that the International Court of Justice would call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, as it has done in similar cases, considering it the primary guarantee for implementing the necessary and urgent measures to protect Palestinian civilians in the region. It also stressed the importance of respecting and implementing the decisions of the International Court of Justice as the principal judicial body of the United Nations.

The Ministry continued:

Egypt calls on Israel to immediately implement all measures outlined in the International Court of Justice’s decision, which represents the beginning of the process to enforce international law and humanitarian law, regarding the provision of protection for the Palestinian people, putting an end to the attacks and violations perpetrated against them, resulting in the loss of more than 26,000 innocent civilians, two-thirds of whom are women and children.” Egypt reiterated its call to the United Nations Security Council and influential international parties to take responsibility for demanding a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire.

Egypt also affirmed its commitment to continue its efforts and communications in cooperation with United Nations agencies and international and regional parties to end the crisis, prevent any actions targeting the forced displacement of Palestinians, and ensure the access of humanitarian and relief aid to the Gaza Strip in a sufficient manner to meet the needs of the Palestinian people in Gaza.



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