Egypt’s Meteorological Authority Announces Next Week’s Weather

Raghad Khaled
Egypt's Metrologist Authority Announces Next Week's Forecast

Egypt’s Metrologist Authority Announces Weather Forecast For Next Week!

Egypt has been witnessing the most turbulent weather that the country has ever experienced for the past few weeks!

For the past few weeks, Egypt in general and Cairo in specific have been experiencing the most unexpected weather ever!

On the First of June, Cairo and Giza experienced one of the harshest sandstorms the country has ever experienced, a storm so strong that it caused an advertising banner to fall down.

The sandstorm also led to the tragic death of 3 Egyptian citizens and the injury of 4 more.


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Cairo’s Weather Since June And Next Week:

Apart from the Storm, Egypt has also been experiencing peculiar rain and very strong wind in the midst of June!

Egyptians also took their reactions to Social Media commenting on the disturbing weather!

The Weather For Next Week:

The Metrologist Authority also announced that Cairo anticipates a clear sunny week with a noticeable drop in the irregular weather!


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