Egypt’s Most Expensive License Plate Is Up For Auction At EGP50M


EGP50 Million for a license plate?!

Egypt’s Ministry of Interior is putting up for auction the most expensive car license plate in Egypt and it’s gonna cost a whopping EGP 50 million!


Two bidders are fighting over the exclusive plate

The auction’s taking place on the government’s official website, where two bidders are currently duking it out in a fierce competition for this exclusive plate.

Who are these mysterious bidders? Nobody knows, but the auction will wrap up on March 28th, so we’ll find out soon enough! The license plate, which reads “555 م ي ر” in Arabic, has gotten a lot of buzz on social media and in the news.

People are not too happy about the auction in light of the current economical climate…

Bidding ends today afternoon!

Note that is the only website authorized to sell these special plates since it started up in 2017*


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