Egypt’s Musicians Syndicate Cancels Travis Scott Concert


Highly Anticipated Travis Scott Concert Cancelled

The Musicians Syndicate in Egypt has announced the cancellation of US rapper Travis Scott’s concert, which was scheduled to take place on July 28 at the Pyramids of Giza. The concert was meant to be Scott’s debut performance in Egypt, showcasing his new album “Utopia.” The event was organized by US-based Live Nation, but they have not yet made any official statement or responded to inquiries.


According to the syndicate’s statement published in Egypt’s Al-Ahram newspaper, the decision to cancel the concert was made by the syndicate president and board. They cited the reason as the concert contradicting the identity of Egyptian culture. The syndicate is committed to upholding the security and stability of their country and opposes any actions that conflict with their societal values.

Prior to the cancellation, social media users had started boycott campaigns and called for the gig’s termination. These online posts linked Travis Scott to alleged involvement in “anti-Egyptian Afrocentrism agendas.”

Travis Scott’s manager denies

Travis Scott’s manager, David Stromberg, has unequivocally deemed the concert cancellation claims as nothing but “fake news.” In response to a concerned fan’s query regarding the syndicate’s statement, Stromberg promptly denied any truth to the rumors of the event being canceled. Further bolstering his stance, Travis Scott’s official Twitter fanpage reiterated and supported Stromberg’s assertion.

Notably, Stromberg pointed out that the syndicate lacks the authority to revoke the license of an international artist’s concert, clarifying that such actions are only applicable to local artists.


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