Egypt’s Population Soars To 105 Million


Soaring numbers!

Welcome to Egypt, a country where the population is constantly on the rise! With each passing year, the number of Egyptians keeps soaring, reaching new heights. As of the latest update, the population of Egypt has reached an impressive 105,009,870 and is still counting.

Between 2023 and 2028, the population of Egypt is projected to experience a steady and continuous growth, with an estimated increase of 12.2 million people, amounting to a significant 11.49 percent rise.

This trend indicates that by 2028, the total population is expected to reach 118.43 million people, marking the fifth consecutive year of population growth. It is worth noting that Egypt’s population has consistently been on the rise in recent years. As per the International Monetary Fund’s definition, the total population here encompasses all individuals included in the census.

1.31% of the total global population

According to the latest UN data, Egypt’s estimated population in 2020 stood at approximately 102,334,404 people, representing around 1.31% of the total global population.

Egypt holds the 14th position in the list of countries by population, showcasing its significant populace. With a population density of 103 individuals per square kilometer (266 people per square mile), Egypt accommodates its citizens across its expansive land area of 995,450 square kilometers (384,345 square miles).

In terms of urbanization, 43.0% of the Egyptian population, totaling 44,041,052 people in 2020, resides in urban areas. The median age in Egypt is relatively young, with the average age being 24.6 years.

CAPMAS is a live population source and the population stated above is the latest population at the time this was published*


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