Egypt’s Unemployment Rate Inched Down To 7%

Raghda Salah Embaby

In a positive development, Egypt’s unemployment rate has taken a slight dip to 7% during the second quarter (2Q) of 2023, as reported by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS). This shows improvement from the previous quarter’s rate of 7.1% in 1Q 2023.

During 2Q 2023, Egypt’s total workforce numbered 30.969 million individuals, indicating a 1.3% increase from the 30.571 million recorded in 1Q. This growth was distributed unevenly, with 13.375 million individuals working in urban areas, and 17.594 million individuals employed in rural regions. Further division by gender revealed that the male workforce comprised 25.514 million individuals, while the female workforce consisted of 5.455 million individuals.

This data underlines Egypt’s ongoing efforts to combat unemployment disparities and promote gender balance in the job market. The decrease in the overall unemployment rate, though modest, suggests positive strides in economic recovery and potential employment opportunities. However, the notable variation between male and female unemployment rates emphasizes the necessity of targeted initiatives to bolster women’s participation in the workforce.

The CAPMAS figures offer a snapshot of the country’s economic dynamics, showing signs of progress and areas that require further attention. Continued efforts to foster inclusive job growth, especially among women, could translate into more resilient and balanced economic development for Egypt in the future.


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