El Alamein Festival’s Switch To Day Time Events Is Causing Social Media Divide!

Malak Nazir

Morning Concerts at El Alamein Festival

Journalist Mona Abdel Wahab, the media spokesperson for the El Alamein Festival, announced during the festival’s press conference that 50% of the festival’s activities will take place during the day. In addition to that, they are relying on solar energy and electric generators, to rationalize electricity consumption.

On the other hand, fans had mixed reactions to the news, with some worried about the heat and others supporting the initiative.

60% of Alamein Festival’s Profits Will Go to Gaza

The second edition of the New Alamein Festival, organized by United Media Services, will donate 60% of its profits to support Palestine. The Palestinian flag will also be raised alongside the Egyptian flag at the festival’s events.

Tell me more details!

Alamein City on the North Coast is gearing up to welcome visitors from July 11th through August 30th. The festival promises an impressive lineup of artists, including Amr Diab, Mohamed Mounir, Kadim El Sahir, Cairokee, Wegz and more!

Additionally, the festival will host 12 sports events catering to both teams and individual participants.

One for the Community

United Media Services has also dedicated a public beach to serve the local community of Alamein throughout the festival. If you want to know more about it, click here.

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