El Matareya Iftar Extravaganza Brings Together 25,000 Feasters


The 10th annual Iftar bash at El Matareya was a spectacle!

Today, the organizers of the El Matareya iftar pulled off quite the neighborhood shindig! Picture this: 25,000 hungry folks, all spread out across seven entire streets, coming together for one epic feast. But this wasn’t your average iftar – oh no! The residents of El Matareya decided to jazz things up for the 10th annual bash.

They definitely went all out

They went all out, painting every house facade white and adding splashes of graffiti featuring famous Ramadan phrases and even some love for Palestine! As the sun started to set, the streets came alive with chants and dance-offs, celebrating a decade of iftar fun on the 15th of Ramadan.

Meanwhile, tables stretched along the sidewalks, loaded with goodies, while the youth and ladies put the finishing touches on the spread. It was a feast fit for a king (or 25,000 of them)!


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A joyous event with over 25k fasting individuals

Some of the young people from Al-Matariya took to the streets, singing and dancing joyfully to mark the tenth consecutive year of the annual iftar event on the 15th of Ramadan.

Initial estimates suggest that around 25,000 fasting individuals from the neighborhood attended the Al-Matariya iftar. The residents arranged a spacious kitchen area to handle the large amounts of food prepared for the attendees.

Thousands of residents from both Al-Matariya and Hamada village came together to join in the Al-Matariya iftar festivities, which have been a tradition for a decade.




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