EMA Advises To Wear Masks If Going Out

Raghad Khaled

EMA Advises To Wear Masks If Going Out

Around the time fall comes around in Egypt, the weather begins to be shifty, unpredictable, and inconsistent.

This can cause general irregularity and confusion when deciding on when to go out, what to wear, and where to go!

However, thankfully, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority has got you covered!

The EMA announced earlier this morning that many Egyptian Governorates would be witnessing a slight change in the weather conditions today, warning people of sandy and dusty weather.

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They warned of a cloud cover that is going to shadow the northern part of Egypt, which will block sun rays, as well as absorb dust and sand raised on the surface of the earth.

In addition, active southern winds lead to sand and dust and low horizontal visibility in various areas of the northwestern coasts, the Delta, Cairo, and northern Upper Egypt.

They warned those who suffer from chest and sinusitis allergies should take into account the weather conditions and wear masks when leaving the house.

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