FA Rejects SC’s Inability To Reach A Ceasefire In Gaza

Raghad Khaled

Ministry Of Foreign Affairs: “Egypt Expresses Its Rejection Of Security Council’s Continuous Inability To Reach A Ceasefire In Gaza”

A statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses Egypt’s rejection of the Security Council’s inability to reach a ceasefire in Gaza after the United States vetoed Algeria’s resolution in yesterday’s session. 

The United States of America has used its veto power for the third time to prevent a ceasefire in Gaza, arguing that a ceasefire would undermine the negotiations of the hostage deal. 

With 13 votes in favor, the United States was the only country that rejected Algeria’s resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire and facilitation of humanitarian aid.

Algerian envoy to the UN, Amar Bendjama, told the council “A vote in favor of this draft resolution is a support for the Palestinians’ right to life, and a vote against it implies an endorsement of the brutal violence and collective punishment inflicted upon them.”

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a statement expressing Egypt’s rejection of the Security Council’s inability to reach a ceasefire in Gaza as the United States has used its veto power for the third time.

The statement reads: “Egypt considers obstructing a decision that calls for a ceasefire in an armed conflict which has taken the lives of over 29,000 Palestinian civilians, most of which are women and children is a shameful precedent in Security Council’s history in dealing with armed conflicts.”

Additionally, the statement read “Egypt strongly denounces the international scene’s selectivity and double standards in dealing with wars and armed conflicts in different regions of the world, which has come to question the credibility of the rules and working mechanisms of the current international system, especially the Security Council, which is entrusted with the responsibility of preventing and settling conflicts and stopping wars.”

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