The Lovin Cairo Show: Failed Negotiations Between Egypt And Ethiopia On GERD

Manar Eissa

Tune in to the latest episode of the ‘Lovin Cairo Show’ podcast for a captivating discussion on today’s most intriguing headlines. We’ll begin with the recent news:

The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation announced in a statement the inconclusive end of negotiations with Ethiopia regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The Egyptian Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources stated that the recent round of negotiations failed because Ethiopia consistently refused to accept any of the suggested technical or legal solutions that would protect the interests of all three countries, including its own capital, Addis Ababa.

In light of Gaza’s situation, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh has arrived today in Cairo to discuss the Gaza war escalation with Egyptian officials. Haniyeh will meet with the Director of Egyptian Intelligence, Abbas Kamel, to discuss stopping the aggression in Gaza and preparing a hostage exchange deal.

Moving on into entertainment:

Laila Eloui and Shireen Reda will star in the film ‘Masoom’ for the first time. The film’s story follows three female singers who were part of a musical band in the 1990s. After a 30-year hiatus, they reunite and decide to rekindle their artistic careers. However, their lives are filled with challenges and difficulties, and the story delves into various social aspects within the context of a musical.

Last but not least, the film “Abu Nasab,” starring Mohamed Imam, Majed El-Kedwany, and Yasmine Sabry, is set to be released on December 21 and will be shown in 23 countries other than Egypt.

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