FM Shoukry: Attempts To Distort Egyptian Stance On Rafah Crossing “Unacceptable”


Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry strongly condemned attempts to distort Egypt’s stance on the status of the Rafah crossing border, deeming such efforts “unacceptable.” He pointed out that the crossing had come under Israeli bombardment on up to four occasions since the outbreak of the recent violence, causing severe disruptions to its normal operations.

Shoukry made it clear that, despite the crisis in the Gaza Strip, Egyptian authorities had not officially closed the Rafah crossing. In response to Israel’s call for the displacement of Gaza residents to the south of the territory, he emphasized that this proposal flagrantly contradicts international humanitarian law, leaving the population without vital necessities like water, electricity, and food.

Furthermore, Shoukry underlined Egypt’s ongoing communication with various UN agencies to secure a safe passage for humanitarian aid, emphasizing that as of now, no authorization for such a passage had been granted from the other side of the Crossing.

When questioned about Egypt’s ability to host 2.5 million inhabitants, Shoukry drew a comparison, suggesting that one could equally question whether the UK or any EU country could accommodate such a policy. He pointed out the challenges faced by countries dealing with the influx of even a few thousand migrants while Egypt hosts a substantial population of 9 million guests on its land.

In a statement on Monday, Shoukry revealed Egypt’s longstanding efforts to have the Rafah crossing permanently operational for the entry of aid, normal movement, and the passage of foreigners. However, he noted that the Israeli government had not taken any steps to enable the opening of the crossing from the other side.


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