Food Bloggers Drama: Heated Debate Around Nadia El Sayed & Aya Habib

Malak Nazir

The Food Blogger Saga of Nadia El Sayed and Aya Habib

In the ever-evolving and vibrant world of food blogging, the names Nadia El Sayed and Aya Habib shine brightly, known for their quick, distinctive, and mouth-watering recipes that have captivated food enthusiasts worldwide.

What happened?

The saga began when a nostalgic follower expressed missing Aya Habib’s unique recipes, inadvertently igniting a heated debate. Followers quickly jumped into a whirlwind of accusations, accusing Nadia El Sayed of copying Aya’s style which led Aya to withdraw from social media.

Rumors and speculations suggested that Nadia’s similar style and techniques were the reasons behind Aya’s silence, painting a picture of rivalry and contention in a community bound by their love for food.

The other side of the story

However, devoted fans and close followers of Aya clarified the situation. Revealing that her absence from the digital world was not due to any brewing feud but rather a significant lifestyle change. Aya Habib, during the pandemic, found herself with ample time to indulge in and share her passion for cooking. Yet, as the world returned to its pace, Aya took on a full-time job, redirecting her time and energy away from the creation of digital content.

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