Foreign Affairs & Emigration Dispute Expats’ Military Service Issue

Raghad Khaled

New Governmental Initiative To Dispute Expats’ Military Service:

Egyptian Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Emigration introduced a new initiative to dispute expats’ military enlistment issues.

In an official statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a new initiative was introduced as a response to Expats’ inquiries about their required military service and it aims to settle the recruitment process.

The inquiries revolved around the fact that some of them can not return home or leave once again, as they are not allowed to travel for being required for military service or not having terminated their enlistment status.

The Ministry will allow registration on the website and it will be announced later, starting from 14/8/2023 for thirty days.

Egyptians Abroad are asked to pay 5000, either in Euros or US Dollars to settle.

Needed Information:


Requests for final settlement of conscription positions are received at the initiative of the Egyptian state, provided that all applications are received on the site for residents abroad who have a role in the age of conscription from the age of 19 years until the age of 30 years, as well as those over the age of 30 years to settle their conscription position according to the situation.

Expats won’t be allowed to renew their passports except after settling their conscription positions.

Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Emigration urge Egyptians living abroad to quickly settle their conscription positions during the given period.

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