Fridge Of Kindness…The Youth Initiative Spreading Kindness On The Streets Of Luxor


During the holy month of Ramadan, people compete to get closer to God through charitable acts and good deeds. This is why the “Safwa” team, from the youth center in Armant, Luxor, participated in doing good through their “Fridge of Kindness” initiative.

The team placed a refrigerator filled with food and fruit on one of the streets of the province, allowing those in need to take what they want. The fridge was labeled with the slogan “Take what you need and remember your brothers,” while warning against stealing it: “Please do not steal the fridge so that honesty does not become lost in Armant.”


Social media users shared the team’s initiative on their pages, saying, “We all have leftover food that we don’t want to eat, and it’s a shame to throw it away. There are others who need it. If you have some leftover beans or rice, for example, put it in a kitchen bag and put it in the fridge.” They explained, “You have a choice: either to leave it and let it spoil, or put it in a bag and put it in the fridge. What doesn’t benefit you can benefit others. Anyone who needs something can go and take it from the fridge.”

The “Fridge of Kindness” initiative received praise from social media users. An account named “Adham Azaldin” commented, “May God bless and reward its owners with the best.” Another account named “Saadaldin” commented, “May God protect this act from beggars and those lacking in mercy and manners, and may it continue and spread everywhere so that those in need can benefit from it.” Another user commented, “God bless the young people who did this beautiful initiative.”


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