Get in the Loop: All You Need To Know About Egypt’s New Unified Services Card


Egypt’s New All-in-One Card

Egypt is rolling out a snazzy new card that’s about to make life a whole lot smoother! In phase one of this card extravaganza, citizens get to wave goodbye to cash woes. Say hello to paying for subsidized goodies, hopping on the health insurance train, and even zipping through electronic payments with style. And that’s just the beginning – more cool stuff is coming your way in the next rounds!

Picture this: a prepaid card that’s like a trusty sidekick, always ready to handle your money moves. Depositing, receiving, and all those money shenanigans? Yep, it’s got your back.

Security buffs, you’re in for a treat! This card is practically Fort Knox in your pocket. It’s got a brainy fingerprint feature that ensures only you get the VIP treatment. No card crashers allowed!


So, how do you snag this nifty card?

Simple. Your phone’s gonna ping with a text, and the message will be all like, “Hey, head over to a post office or one of those groovy subsidies centers on this special day, and claim your card, champ!” And get this: not just you, but your partner-in-crime and your cool teenagers (16 and up) can join the card party too.

But don’t stress, you’ve got a whole month to rock up and grab your card. Instantly, you’ll be rolling with those payment perks. Psst, the lowdown on subsidized goodies and mega health insurance services will drop later – keep your eyes peeled!

And the cherry on top? As soon as that card is in your hands and your ID and phone digits are in the system, voilà! A postal account with your name on it magically appears. It’s like they’re saying, “Welcome to the club!” So, Egypt, get ready to swipe, dip, and tap your way into the future – it’s all just a card away! 🎉

For inquiries about the unified card’s services, citizens can contact the hotline for the “Egypt Digital Platform” at 15999*


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