“Go Report Me” .. A Doctor Denied A Patient Chemotherapy Treatment At A Hospital In Alexandria!

Raghad Khaled

Doctor Refuses Patient Chemotherapy At A Public Hospital

A viral video on social media has showcased a doctor at a public hospital in Alexandria refusing to give a patient her chemotherapy session.

When the patient’s daughter tried to reason with the doctor saying “Excuse us, she’s been outside all day, she just needs her session,”

The doctor replied: “Well, she raised her voice at me, that’s what she gets,”

Infuriated, the daughter asked, “How can you refuse someone chemotherapy?”

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To which the doctor replied, “Go report me!”

The viral video angered social media users, with some criticizing the doctor’s unbelievable reaction, and others urging the Medical Syndicate and the Ministry of Health to suspend her from work for life, write her off, and refer her for investigation. 

Is denying treatment a crime?

Although there’s no legal legislation in the Egyptian Penal Code that allows a doctor to be held accountable for violating the ethics of their profession or refraining from treating a patient; denying treatment requires criminal liability.

The Medical Ethics Law stipulates several duties of the doctor towards society.

Article 2 confirms that the doctor, in his professional or private work location, is obligated to do his work purely and to serve the community in which he lives with all his capabilities and energies in conditions of peace and conflict and all circumstances.

Dangers of not receiving chemotherapy:

Chemotherapy is used to fight rapidly cancerous cells, and it is necessary to receive chemotherapy doses in an organized manner.

Not receiving chemotherapy could cause aggressive cancerous cells to spread all over the body, reduce the effectiveness of treatment, and decrease survival duration after diagnosis.

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