Government Hospitals Will Remain State-Owned: Cabinet Responds To Rumors

Raghad Khaled

Government Hospitals Will Remain State-Owned: Government Responds To Rumors

A few days ago, social media was flooded with the news of the government selling public hospitals to a private company, causing a state of anxiety to dominate social media as it meant that citizens with limited or low income wouldn’t be able to access medical care.

The bill, which was proposed to the House of Representatives by the government, was submitted under the title “Regulating the Granting of Commitment to Public Facilities to Establish, Operate, and Develop Health Facilities,”

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Medical Syndicate Objection:

However, the head of the Medical Syndicate released a statement expressing worry over the submitted bill, stating “This is harmful to citizens with limited income, as the main goal of the investor remains profit, which the government has removed restrictions in the draft law to provide health services to the citizen without a maximum price limit.”

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He also explained that this doesn’t only affect patients, but also the medical staff, as per law, private investors are allowed to dispense them, to re-employ a new team, endangering the jobs of almost 75% of the Egyptian medical staff in public hospitals.

Government Response:

However, the Cabinet just made an official statement, confirming that government hospitals will remain state-owned.

In a statement, the cabinet’s media center released a statement urging media outlets to ensure accuracy before sharing news and assured the public that government hospitals are to stay state-owned despite reports stating otherwise.

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