Habiba Elshamaa’s Case Update: Uber Driver To Be Sent To Criminal Court

Manar Eissa

The Public Prosecution has decided to refer the Uber driver accused of attempting to kidnap Habiba Al-Shamaa, also known as “Al Shorouk Girl” in the media, to the Criminal Court. The investigation into the case is still ongoing, with Dr. Muhammad Al-Amin, Habiba Al-Shamaa’s family lawyer, providing updates on the legal proceedings.

Investigation Ongoing

After almost ten days, the investigating authorities referred the Uber driver who caused the death of Habiba Al-Shamaa to the Court of Appeal in preparation for scheduling a hearing for his criminal trial.

New Charges

Dr. Muhammad Al-Amin revealed that the Public Prosecution has brought a new charge against the accused driver, adding to the existing charge of attempted kidnapping.

The new accusation involves forgery of official documents, further complicating the legal situation for the defendant. Additionally, it was discovered that the Uber driver was driving under the influence of narcotics. Investigations revealed that the driver had a history of drug use, and the perfume he claimed to spray may have been an intoxicant.

Further Legal Action

The accused faces several charges, as outlined by Dr. Muhammad Al-Amin, including attempted kidnapping, forgery of official documents, and substance abuse while driving. Additionally, there are allegations of causing death, reflecting the severity of the accusations against the Uber driver.

Habiba Al-Shamaa’s lawyer emphasized that the case papers of the accused have been duplicated and forwarded to the Financial Affairs Prosecution for investigation into the incident of forgery.

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