Hager Ahmed Filed A Complaint Over A Damaged Bag Worth $5000

Manar Eissa

Actress Hager Ahmed filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency because an expensive bag from the international brand was damaged in a laundromat. The bag had cost her $5000. 

Incident Details

Consequently, she called the dry cleaner about two and a half months ago, explaining that her expensive bag needed cleaning. They assured her they specialized in designer and expensive bags and noted that the bag’s current value was around $5,000.

According to Hager, the dry cleaner assured her of their expertise in handling designer items and acknowledged the bag’s value. A week later, upon receiving her bag, Hager was shocked to find significant damages: the bag’s logo had faded, the interior was scorched, and its handles were broken.

Response and Reactions

When confronted about the damage, Ahmed stated that the laundromat’s response was dismissive and insensitive. She quoted them saying, “Whatever you know how to do, do it and keep your head down.” This response further fueled her frustration, citing previous negative experiences with the establishment.

Legal Action and Consumer Protection

As a result, Ahmed turned to Consumer Protection, where he was informed that legal recourse could lead to compensation up to ten times the cost of cleaning the bag, estimated at EGP 250, while the bag itself is valued at around EGP 250,000 according to consumer protection laws.

Public Reaction

Public opinion on this incident has been mixed. While some sympathized with her situation, acknowledging the value and sentimental attachment to such expensive items, others questioned the decision to launder a high-value bag through conventional means, suggesting alternative cleaning methods more suitable for designer bags.


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