‘Hala Khasa’ Stirs Up Mixed Reactions

Malak Nazir

In the realm of modern media, storytelling often becomes a reflection of society’s values, sparking intense conversations and varying responses from audiences. ‘Hala Khasa’ is a prime example of such a phenomenon, where it has ignited a maelstrom of contrasting opinions and emotions. Here is a list of people’s thoughts and opinions after watching only four episodes of the series.

3. Nadim’s Autism

Performing the role of an autistic lawyer is no easy task! However, Taha Dessouky brought incredible depth and authenticity to the character, capturing the nuances of Nadim’s personality and the unique challenges he faces with grace and sensitivity. His performance was not just convincing; it was truly mesmerizing.

2. Paying homage to Al Masreyeen’s 70s pop hits through Hany Shenouda’s soundtracks

In the ‘Hala Khasa’ series, one element that truly stands out is the remarkable soundtrack crafted by the talented Hany Shenouda. With his masterful compositions, Hany Shenouda pays homage to the iconic pop hits of the 70’s band El Masreyen. Consequently weaving a musical tapestry that not only adds depth to the narrative but also celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the country.

1. Inaccuracies in lawyering scenes

Although the series has a beautiful message, people, especially lawyers, thought they screwed up in the lawyering scenes. Hence, Lawyer Nehad Abo El Komsan spoke out and highlighted her anger watching the scenes that required tactical lawyering.

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