“He Suffers From A Rare Heart Condition” Medical Supervisor Confirms Ahmed Refaat’s condition

Raghad Khaled

“He Suffers From A Rare Heart Condition” Future F.C. Medical Supervisor Confirms Ahmed Refaat’s Condition

After 9 days in the hospital, Amr Osman, one of the medical supervisors, and cardiologist consultants for the Modern Future Football Club has confirmed that Refaat is suffering from a rare medical heart condition. 

He explained that Refaat’s condition is unprecedented and that doctors hadn’t seen something like it before.

Osman explained “Refaat was resuscitated for two full hours, and every time he was resuscitated, the player’s heartbeat accelerated, returning to point zero, and we had to begin the resuscitation process again. The heart’s condition returned to point zero once more approximately every five minutes.”

متحدث وزارة الرياضة يكشف تطورات حالة أحمد رفعت | يلاكورة

Regarding his current condition, Refaat’s kidneys are being monitored along with his lungs. Osman confirmed that there’s concern about his lungs, but the results are not final yet.

Walid Dabas, the President of Future F.C. had previously stated in a phone interview that the player maintains a level of awareness. However, he is still kept on respiratory devices to improve his condition and stabilize his breathing.

*Refaat’s heart suddenly stopped, causing him to fall into a coma during the match between Future F.C. and Al Ittihad Alexandria Club.

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