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Here Are Cairo’s Top 5 Picks For The Best Shawerma

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Chicken or beef? The hardest decision you have to make when ordering shawerma because they’re both delicious! Either you’ll go with garlic-y goodness chicken wrap like the Syrians do it or you’ll opt for the tahini-filled beef round shawerma.

So, without further ado, here are the top 5 shawerma places in Cairo


5. Abou Haidar

Probably the most famous (and packed) shawerma place in the city! They don’t serve chicken shawerma but their beef one is to die for.

4. Caizo

Whether it’s hawawshy that you’re craving of the fulfilling shawermas, everything at Caizo is delicious!


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3. Kazaz

This resto is old-school and has been a favourite since 1998. They’ve got a great selection of oriental dishes like tawagen

2. Semsema

From hotdogs, to sheesh tawouq to beloved shawerma, Semsema has it all and with a side of crunchy fries!


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1. Al Beiruti

If you’re craving juicy shawerma but someplace fancy and authentic, Al Beiruti is the one! They have chicken and beef sandwiches that will take you to Lebanon.


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