This Honest Egyptian Tuk-Tuk Driver Returned A Lost Fortune To Its Owner


350,000 Egyptian pounds!

A tuk-tuk driver from the southern Egyptian governorate of Luxor has captured the attention of many Egyptians on social media over the past few hours after returning a large sum of money to its owner.

After finding 350,000 Egyptian pounds inside a black bag lying on the road in the village of Al-Nimsa, affiliated with the Isna Center south of Luxor the day before yesterday, the driver, Mohamed Yahya, went searching for its owner to return the valuables.

Curiosity did not drive him to count the money

Yahya said that he found the black bag lying near a desert entrance, so he picked it up and when he opened it, he was surprised by a large amount of money, along with a medical referral letter to one of the hospitals, according to local media reports.

He also confirmed that curiosity did not drive him to count the money, because it was not his money.

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After an hour of finding the money, a car passed by and he asked its passengers about a black bag that they had lost in that area, while they seemed worried and eager.

At that time, Yahya initially denied finding the bag to test the family and began asking the passengers some questions to make sure that they were the owners of the original money, according to him.

A medical letter was the password

The medical letter was the password that confirmed the truth of that family’s words. Mohamed explained that the man told him that the bag contained an amount of money and a stamped medical referral letter from one of the hospitals.

Then the tuk-tuk driver was sure that they were the owners of the money and his heart was relieved.

The driver also described the immense joy that overwhelmed the owner of the bag, who was later found to have come from Cairo with his family to treat one of his sons at the general hospital.

While the father rushed to offer the driver part of the money for his honesty, he refused.

A stir on social media

And that story made a stir on social media, where many praised the honesty of the tuk-tuk driver, who refused to seize the large sum of money that could solve his financial problems and pay off his debts, but his honesty prevented him from taking what was not his.


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