“Sherine Hurt Herself” Shocking Updates Are Revealed In The Conflict Between Hossam Habib And Sherine

Malak Nazir

Escalation in the Dispute Between Sherine and Hossam Habib

Recent events have brought shocking developments in the conflict involving Sherine and Hossam Habib. Sherine has formally accused Hossam of assaulting her in an apartment they used as a studio. This violent incident reportedly stemmed from ongoing financial disputes. Authorities arrested Hossam shortly after.

Hossam Habib Defends Himself

In an intriguing twist, a voice recording surfaced where Hossam Habib implied that Sherine’s actions involving her daughter were unacceptable. This prompted him to intervene directly and also to contact Sherine’s ex-husband regarding the matter. Hossam also stated that Sherine caused her own injuries to her head and face. He has urged the public prosecution to hear the testimony of Sherine’s daughter, who witnessed the incident.

To listen to Hossam Habib’s voice recordings, click here

Sherine’s Shocking Photo

Amid these accusations, a photo depicting Sherine with her head covered in blood has been circulating widely, sparking widespread concern and speculation. This image is supported by a forensic report, which has confirmed that Sherine was indeed assaulted.

The public prosecution have released Hossam Habib after on a financial bond of EGP 5,000, leaving the public and fans awaiting further developments in this alarming case.

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