“I Didn’t Tell Anyone Because I Wanted To Take My Cancer Journey Alone”, Kinda Alloush Revealed Her Battle With Cancer

Manar Eissa

Kinda Alloush Opens Up About Private Cancer Battle

Syrian actress Kinda Alloush has courageously shared her journey battling cancer, revealing a deeply personal struggle spanning a year and a half. In a podcast with journalist Mona El Shazly, Alloush disclosed her decision to keep her condition private initially, wanting to navigate the experience independently without undue attention or pity from anyone.

Amr Youssef’s Unwavering Support Through Kinda Alloush’s Cancer Journey

Throughout her ordeal, Alloush gratefully acknowledged the unwavering support of her husband, actor Amr Youssef, who stood by her side through every step of her recovery. Despite facing hurtful remarks about her appearance during chemotherapy, Alloush bravely confronted critics, highlighting the emotional toll of such attacks during a vulnerable time.

Kinda Alloush Confronts Criticism Amid Cancer Treatment

At the time when people were bullying her for being overweight, she was undergoing chemotherapy and expressed how disappointing it was to face such harsh comments.

Mohamed Salah’s Gesture of Kindness Amid Kinda Alloush’s Cancer Treatment

In a touching gesture of solidarity, footballer Mohamed Salah extended his London home to Alloush for medical visits, underscoring the unexpected kindness during her treatment. She expressed how Mohamed Salah was so helpful, saying, ‘My home in London welcomes you anytime. If you want to come for a check-up, you have family in London. 

Alloush’s openness not only sheds light on the challenges of battling cancer but also highlights the profound impact of supportive relationships in facing adversity. As she continues her journey with chemotherapy, her story serves as a powerful reminder of resilience and the importance of compassion during life’s toughest moments.



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