“I Fell In Love And Never Recovered” Khalaf Al Habtoor On His Love For Egypt

Raghad Khaled

“I Fell In Love And Never Recovered” Khalaf Al Habtoor On His Love For Egypt

Emirati Billionaire Khalaf Ahmed Al Habtoor posted a statement on his X account, describing his love for Egypt. In his post, he explains the reason why he decided to invest in the land of civilization, explaining that he fell in love with it when he first visited in the 60s.

He illustrates that he “fell in love and still hasn’t recovered, and whenever he visits, his admiration is renewed,”

He continued, “At the beginning of the last century, Egypt was the artistic and economic hub of the world. This began in the twenties, when arts and culture flourished in Egypt, and foreign artists began to flock to it to build their careers.”

Adding that “Even American musicians searched for a home in the ‘Mother of the World,’ such as jazz musicians. The famous Billy Brooks and George Duncan. The world’s fascination with ancient Egyptian culture has also become entrenched until it has become an obsession that has pushed the most famous fashion designers in America and Europe to draw inspiration from Egyptian civilization in their works. The film industry also began with many productions about it.”

He added “Egypt stands out globally as a tourist destination due to its capabilities that distinguish it on the global tourism map in various aspects. Recreational, cultural, environmental, and therapeutic. It is also known for its superior industries in several fields, such as the extraction and manufacture of metals, various heavy industries, textiles, and food industries, as well as for its agricultural products that are supplied to all parts of the world.”

He ended his post with, “Egypt is beautiful in all stages and its pivotal role in the global arena is unchangeable. God, protect it and protect its people” 

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