It’s Time To Get Challenged With Tough Mudder’s Upcoming Event!

Raghad Khaled

It’s Time To Get Challenged With Tough Mudder’s Upcoming Event!

It’s time to get tough! Tough Mudder is finally making a much-needed comeback with another event on Friday, March 1st at Belle Vie Club in New Zayed with a record number of 1,000 participants

Organized by The TriFactory, Tough Mudder is set to get you out of your comfort zone by testing your physical strength with adventurous courses, mental determination, teamwork skills, and desire to win!

Standing as the only professionally organized obstacle course challenge in Egypt, Tough Mudder integrates challenge, fun, and adventure to provide an unforgettable day filled with 12 innovative obstacles!

The obstacles have been tried and tested at Tough Mudder events across the world and are guaranteed to give once in a lifetime experience with your family and friends!

Tough Mudder and Tough Mudder Kids!

The event combines toughness, excitement, and fun in a unique challenge that is suitable for all ages as it will be separated into two different courses; Tough mudder with a 5K course for people above 13 years, and another parallel 1K course for Mini Mudders (5-7) and another 1.6K course for Mighty Mudders(8-12)! 

Tough Mudder Kids is an amazing opportunity to give your children an exciting character-building experience where they will learn the importance of teamwork, strategy, and having fun!

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