Largest Human And Animal Taxidermy Workshop Discovered In Saqqara

Raghad Khaled
Largest Human And Animal Taxidermy Workshop Discovered In Saqqara

Saqqara: The Bottomless Treasure!

Today, at an international press conference, The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities a new exciting archaeological discovery.

Under the supervision of Dr. Moustafa Waziri, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, a new taxidermy workshop used for humans and animals has been found in Saqqara necropolis that dates back to the 30th dynasty!

Waziri added that the mission was also able to unveil two tombs from the old and modern states, as well as a number of archaeological discoveries.

He stressed that the mission has made many important archaeological discoveries since the start of its work on the site in 2018, expressing his pride in the success of a pure Egyptian team of archaeologists and the aimers of the Supreme Council of Antiquities for the sixth year in a row.

The taxidermy workshop wasn’t the only thing discovered!

Additionally, two cemeteries and a number of monuments, during the completion of the Mission’s excavation work at the Mosque of the Holy Animals (Bobastien) in the area of the Saqqara monuments, for the sixth consecutive year!


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