Lion Roaming Cairo Streets Causes A Stir… And His Owner Finally Revealed!


Cub on the loose!

After residents of the first settlement area were surprised by a lion wandering the streets of Cairo, security managed to identify and reveal the identity of its owner.

It turned out that the lion was owned by a 64-year-old man named “K A” residing in Nasr City. His son was taken to the police station to investigate the ownership of this wild animal amidst a residential area, and investigations are still ongoing, according to local media reports.

Security came to the rescue

Security apparatuses in the Cairo Security Directorate received a report from residents about a villa owner housing a young lion inside his villa in the jurisdiction of the first settlement police station.

They moved to the location, managed to control and capture it using a net, and handed it over to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Egyptian authorities began searching for the lion’s owner and reviewed surveillance cameras in the surrounding streets, questioning eyewitnesses to determine its route and locate the place it came from and its owner.

Egyptian law prohibits wild animal ownership

The Egyptian law prohibits the ownership of dangerous animals without the approval of the authorities, as the House of Representatives finally approved a bill regulating the possession of dangerous animals in May of last year.

The law stipulates that owners of dangerous animals must arrange their status within a period not exceeding one year from the date of issuance of its executive regulations, and they must obtain the necessary license to acquire the animal or surrender it to the authorities.

The law imposes a set of conditions for licensing animals, including the age of the animal owner not being less than 16 years old, and the animal must be muzzled and restrained with a suitable collar when taken outside its accommodation area. It also prohibits taking any of the dangerous animals to public places.


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