Make Your Cairo Trip Unforgettable With These 5 Experiences!

Malak Nazir

Embarking on a journey to Cairo is like stepping into the pages of a living history book. Whether you’re visiting Cairo for the first time or a resident, these 5 unmissable experiences will transform your perception of Cairo into an adventure steeped in ancient wonders and modern marvels.

5. Camel ride with the pyramids view

Visiting the Pyramids is a must-do when being in Cairo. What if you top it up a notch and enjoy a camel ride overlooking the astonishing view of the Pyramids? To enhance the experience even further, you will be given a keffiyeh, which is a Bedouin scarf, to protect you from the sun and sand dust.

4. Shop at Khan El Khalili market

Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of Cairo’s historic bazaar. Shop for souvenirs, spices, jewellery, and textiles while enjoying the vibrant ambiance.

3. Sail the Nile River aboard a felucca

Enjoy a leisurely sail on a traditional Egyptian sailboat called a felucca. It’s a great way to see the city from the river and relax in a tranquil setting.

2. Experience a traditional Egyptian meal at a local restaurant

Savor the local flavors by indulging in Egyptian dishes like Koshari, Ta’ameya, Hawawshi, and Molokhia. Visit traditional restaurants and street food stalls for authentic experiences.

1. Go roller skating in Zamalek

Ever considered roller skating with a group through the vintage streets of Zamalek? You will never experience such an activity anywhere but in Cairo. This experience will boost your adrenaline and get you pumped up in no time!

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