‘Maqsoom’ Stars Rocked The Purple Carpet

Malak Nazir

The stars of the film entered the cinema in a unique and fitting manner. In the beginning, they started by playing musical instruments and celebrating with the audience before the film’s screening. The ambiance of the 1990s dominated the premiere night, reflected in the set design and the attire of the stars. However, this didn’t come on lightly as it was carefully chosen to match the time period in which the film is set. The premiere of ‘Maqsoom’ comes ahead of its release in Egyptian and Arab cinemas on the 18th of January.

‘Maqsoom’ is written by Haitham Dabbour and directed by Kawthar Younis. Moreover, the movie stars Layla Elwi, Shereen Reda, Samaa Ibrahim, Sara Abdel Rahman, and Amr Wahba. it is also collaboratively produced by Ahmed Youssef, Haitham Dabour, and Kareem El Shenawi.

The movie’s storyline is simple and suitable for all ages. The events happen in a social, comedy, and musical setting. Where Layla Elwi portrays a singer (Hend) who quit singing after forming a musical band in the 1990s. Shereen Reda (Amy) and Samaa Ibrahim (Rania).

The cast highlighted their excitement about the project. Although they all agreed that the film took them a lot of time and effort, yet what intrigued them most about becoming a part of the film was the director, Kawthar Younis. They also stressed that the interesting, unique story written by Haitham Dabbour played a role in their decision.

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