Meet The girl Who’s Unlocking The Unseen Storylines In Fan Fave Movies


What if movie scenes had a different outcome?

There’s been quite a buzz lately around a Facebook page called “Mashhad Naqes” (Incomplete Scene), created by a girl who goes by the name “Writer Marwa Medany.” Her content has been gaining popularity among art enthusiasts and fans, popping up in groups dedicated to the arts.

“Mashhad Naqes” presents imagined scenarios and dialogues, either as an extension of the endings of artistic works, be it movies or TV series, or revealing another side and previously unclear information about a character in a piece of art.


El Safira Aziz re-written

One of the standout posts from the page includes additional scenes for the film “El Safira Aziza” starring Shokry Sarhan and Souad Hosni. For instance, there’s a post asking, “What if Aziza didn’t think for a moment about her brother after he recovers from a coma and regains consciousness, what will he and his children do now?” The audience was asked to imagine these scenes, and a new post imagined Aziza’s brother in the film, who appeared as the butcher “Teacher Abbas,” deciding to take revenge after Shokry Sarhan beats him up to claim his wife’s inheritance.

Abbas orders his son to kill Shokry Sarhan, but the knife accidentally injures Souad Hosni instead. Abbas regrets his actions, swears to repent, and reconcile, leading to a happy ending where Aziza’s wound is superficial, she’s revealed to be pregnant, and a good relationship develops between her brother and husband.

Both old and new works get a re-write!

The page’s content, followed by 105,000 fans, covers both old and new works. It also provides imagined scenes for the iconic series “Ramadan Kareem,” which has become a modern drama masterpiece after its release. One of the imagined scenes in “Mashhad Naqes” for that series involves imagining the engagement of Reham Abdel Ghafour’s character, Reza, and how the agreement was made, the reactions of her sister, and father, and the arrangements made, as this was not shown in the original work, where the engagement happened directly.


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