Min. Of Solidarity Allocates $400K In Medical Aid For Gaza

Raghad Khaled

Ministry Of Social Solidarity Allocates $400K In Medical Relief Aid

The Minister of Social Solidarity, Nevine El-Kabbaj, has announced the allocation of $400K to purchase medical and relief supplies for the Gaza Strip, by the Council of Arab Ministers of Social Affairs.

This comes within the framework of supporting the Palestinian people and alleviating the burden of the brutal attacks they have been subjected to by the Israeli occupation forces since October 8th after the Palestinian resistance fighters launched the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation, an operation described by Israel as its greatest tragedy.

El-Kabbaj also added that this comes from Egypt’s steadfast humanitarian role towards the Palestinian cause due to the ongoing brutal attacks against the Palestinian people and crimes against humanity.

The minister noted that the aid would be prepared by Egyptian Red Crescent volunteers.

The Ministry Receives 8300 Tonnes In Aid And Transfers Them To Gaza

The Minister along with Ambassador Haifa Abu Ghazaleh, Assistant Secretary-General and Head of the Social Affairs Sector at the League of Arab States, inaugurated from the Egyptian Red Crescent headquarters in Cairo the convoy of humanitarian relief aid provided by the Council of Arab Ministers of Social Affairs to the Gaza Strip through the Red Crescent.

This comes in attempts to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians in the Strip.

Currently, the sector is suffering from the unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe it is experiencing as a result of Israeli aggression.

The convoy includes relief materials and means of subsistence (food – water – personal care supplies – medicines – mattresses – blankets).

Egypt Sent 10 Thousand Tonnes of Relief Aid to Gaza

El-Kabbaji also mentioned during a press conference aimed at inaugurating the humanitarian aid convoy provided by the Council of Arab Ministers of Health and Social Affairs to the Gaza Strip that Egypt so far, has sent 10,000 tons of urgent relief aid to Gaza, including the Arish land airport, receiving 131 aid, while the number of relief trucks has reached 1,090.

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