Minouche Shafik Arrests Her Students; Causing A Ripple of Protests Across New York

Raghad Khaled

Minouche Shafik Called The Police on Her Students; Causing A Ripple of Protests Across New York

Appointed as Columbia University’s first Egyptian President, Minouche Nemat Shafik’s troubling protest dismantling policies are threatening her position at the university, and in the United States.

Three days ago, Columbia’s students carried out a Gaza solidarity encampment at the university’s “Freedom of Speech” zone.

The students have remained steadfast since Wednesday morning, opposing the military invasion and attacks on Gaza, and demanding the university divest from the companies that profit from the Israeli occupation.

Columbia Students Take Over Campus in “Gaza Solidarity Encampment”

Upset by the protest and scared of being labeled as an antisemite, Minouche emailed the New York Police Department (NYPD) on her students.

The police arrested more than 100 demonstrators for trespassing on their own university’s campus, including the daughter of a prominent Minnesota congresswoman.

Additionally, multiple students have reported being suspended and evicted including U.S. Democratic representative Ilhan Omar’s daughter.

These arrests, evictions, and suspensions have caused a ripple of protests across New York; where students from Harvard, Yale, and UNS are demonstrating in demand of protection of “Students against Genocide and Apartheid.”

Columbia University protest: Over 100 arrested after pro-Palestinian protest broken up | CNN

Minouche’s aggressive dismantling policy came after she was grilled during her congressional trial on Wednesday, where she testified on the case of “Antisemitism on Campus”

Wednesday’s hearing came after months of rising tensions between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian demonstrators on the Columbia campus, amid disputes over what constitutes antisemitism and controversy.

When asked if chants like “From The River To The Sea” are antisemitic she replied “I hear them as such. Some people don’t.”

To which a congress member followed up: “Why is it so tough?” she replied, “Because it’s a difficult issue because some hear it as antisemitic, others do not.”

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