Mo Salah Is Under Fire Over A Video Of His Wife Embracing Jurgen Klopp


Anfield stadium farewell sparks controversy

The atmosphere at Anfield stadium on Sunday was a mix of sadness and pride as Liverpool bid farewell to their legendary coach Jurgen Klopp after an illustrious journey spanning eight years and seven months. Amid emotional scenes filled with gratitude and appreciation, the farewell night witnessed touching moments that will remain etched in the memories of Reds fans.

Mo Salah’s wife’s name trended worldwide following Klopp’s embrace of Maggie Salah, sparking varied reactions. Some criticized the embrace, citing religious and societal norms, while others defended it, considering Klopp as a father figure. One activist expressed disapproval, stating that Salah should have prevented his veiled wife from embracing a foreign man.


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Supporters can be your biggest critics

Supporters often hail Salah as a symbol of success, Arab pride, and national identity, hence why some are critical when he does not seem attached to such labels.

Activist Eva Habib supported the couple stating that Klopp is like a father figure to Maggie and there was no ill intent as it happened in public. Likewise, Mohammed Abu Mamdouh Abu Hassan remarked that since Klopp played a significant role in Salah’s rise, he’s akin to a father figure, making such gestures acceptable. Similarly, Madhat Qushqush pointed out the age gap between Klopp and Salah’s wife, likening it to the relationship between Salah and his own father.

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