Mohamed Ramadan Has Social Media Buzzing Over This Encounter..


Mohamed Ramadan has social media buzzing.. and its not over a Ramadan series!

Social media platforms circulated a controversial video showing Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan confronting the manager of a famous hotel in Cairo during his attendance at a suhoor event for a telecommunications company. The hotel manager requested that the microphone be turned off for the renowned actor after he took the stage to address the audience, who had requested him to sing.

Ramadan appeared in the video speaking calmly to the hotel manager, asking him to explain why he requested the sound to be turned off. However, he later became agitated and raised his voice, asking, “Why?”

A charged encounter

He addressed the hotel manager, saying, “Mr. Hotel Manager, I know it’s not your decision, but why do you want to turn off the sound? What’s the reason for targeting us? I know the order is coming from you to shut it off because Mohamed Ramadan is here.”

The controversial star then became increasingly animated, shouting at the hotel manager, “Why? What’s the reason? I want to know one reason.”

It’s worth noting that actor Mohamed Ramadan has been absent from this year’s Ramadan season after the remarkable success of his series “Jafar Al-Amida” last season. It was planned for him to present the second part of the series this year, but the project has been postponed.


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