Mortada Mansour Sentenced To 3 Months For Slandering El Khatib

Raghad Khaled

Mortada Mansour Sentenced To 3 Months In Jail For Slandering Mahmoud El Khatib, Again!

Cairo’s Economic Court announced earlier today that El Zamalek’s renowned Ex-President, Mortada Mansour is sentenced to 3 months in jail after Slandering his opposing club’s President Mahmoud El Khatib.

The report was submitted by Al Ahly’s legal advisor Mohamed Othman along with El Khatib’s personal lawyer.

This is not the first time Mansour was imprisoned for slandering El Khatib, as he was sentenced to 1 month for the same cause a few months back.

The Slandering in question occurred during a phone-in to TV Program where Mansour insulted, slandered, and defamed El Khatib.

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The Prosecutor’s Office accused Mansour of deliberately disturbing and harassing the victim by misusing communications equipment and committing his own past charges.

Now, El Khatib is sentenced to 3 months of imprisonment, a 30k fine to be paid for civil compensation and another 10k to be paid if he suspends the execution if the appeal he proposes is accepted!



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