Moustafa Waziri Claps Back At Afrocentrics

Raghad Khaled

Moustafa Waziri Claps Back at Afrocentrics

The Congress of Egyptology is a conference held every four years to discuss the latest archaeological findings and uncover the secrets of the Ancient Egyptian civilization. 

The congress’ aim is to share knowledge on Egyptology and discuss methods to uncover more Egyptian artifacts. 

During the 13th edition of the conference, Secretary General of the supreme council of Antiquities, doctor Moustafa Waziri viewed the latest achievements, archaeological discoveries, and works of restoration. 

Furthermore, he also discussed the services provided to tourists to give them the best experience on sites and in museums. 

Additionally, he also presented Egypt’s efforts to recover antiquities that were stolen or illegally smuggled out of Egypt.

He also shed light on the 240 foreign archaeological missions that are currently taking place in Egypt from 25 countries alongside Egyptians. 

Closing Speech About Afrocentrics and Afrocentricism

During the closing anecdote, Doctor Mostafa Waziri gave an important speech stressing the importance of cultural preservation and the danger of falsifying history.

He emphasized that “Egypt respect for all world civilizations, stressing the need to preserve the identity of people, pointing out that Egypt will not hesitate to confront any attempts to falsify historical and scientific facts about the ancient Egyptian civilization” 

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