Netflix Launches ‘Because She Created’ Program For Egyptian Female Screenwriters


A collection of films by Arab female filmmakers called ‘Because She Created’ was released by Netflix in July, and they’re following it up with a new workshop program.

In order to support and nurture female screenwriters in Egypt, Netflix is opening an incubator

‘Because She Created’ is a writing initiative developed by the American streaming giant in collaboration with Sard, an Arab screenwriters’ centre.

Twenty women from outside Cairo will be trained as part of the initiative, which also aims to “introduce untapped talent to the creative tools and industry information needed to improve their creative and professional growth,” according to a statement from Netflix.

The Netflix Fund for Creative Equity is responsible for funding the programme.

Award-winning author Mariam Naoum established Sard in 2016 to provide aspiring screenwriters with a place to hone their writing abilities and explore their creative potential.

Naoum is a well-known Egyptian screenwriter and social activist whose works include “The Women’s Prison,” “A Girl Named Zat,” and “Heat Wave,” among other well-known and ground-breaking shows, as well as Kamla Abou Zekry’s ensemble picture “One/Zero,” which is set in Cairo.

Cairo will be the program’s host city for its five days. Classes on narrative, time for creative expression, and presentations by industry experts are all part of it.

The film collection released in July by the same name included “Let’s Talk,” a documentary by Egyptian Marianne Khoury about the life of her late great uncle Youssef Chahine, “Stateless,” a film by Nariss Nejjar that examines North African history from the perspective of a woman, and “A Tale of Love and Desire,” the story of a young Arab man in Paris experiencing his first love,” by Leyla Bouzid.


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