New Uber Incident: Driver’s Attempt To Kidnap And Assault A Girl

Manar Eissa

A distressing incident involving an Uber driver has happened in New Cairo, as detailed by Sally Awad in a social media post about her sister’s harrowing experience. On the evening of Saturday, May 11, during a trip from the Fifth Settlement to Sheikh Zayed, her sister was kidnapped and assaulted by her Uber driver. Sally Awad recounted that the incident began when the driver inquired whether the payment for the trip would be made via cash or Visa. When the victim chose Visa, the driver asked her to cancel the ride, expressing his preference for cash payment.

In a panicked state, the girl called her sister, Sally, and explained that the driver was insisting on cancelling the trip in the app and having the fare transferred directly to his phone wallet. Sally advised her sister not to respond, explaining that both the phone and the Uber account were registered under her name.

What happened?

Despite the unsettling start, the sisters agreed that the trip should continue to ensure the victim’s safety. Shortly after resuming the journey, at around 10:03 PM, Sally received calls from three unknown numbers, all asking about her location under the pretense of aiding her sister.

The situation escalated when, approximately 15 minutes later, Sally received a distressing call notifying her that her sister had been found abandoned in the Third Settlement desert. Rescuers, alerted by passers-by who had transported the victim to her home, reported that the driver had threatened her with a knife, assaulted her, and attempted to rape her.

In her defense, the victim managed to seize the knife, resulting in a cut on her hand, while bravely confronting her assailant, declaring, “You will not touch me unless you kill me.” She eventually escaped by opening the car door on the opposite side and flagging down passing vehicles for help.

In the aftermath of the attack, Sally Awad revealed that the accused was identified through surveillance footage. The sisters have since provided their statements to the authorities, leading to the arrest of the Uber driver on charges of kidnapping and attempted rape.

In response to the incident, Uber has issued a statement condemning the violent act and expressing their commitment to customer safety. However, public outrage has grown, with increasing calls to boycott the service amid concerns over passenger security.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the safety challenges within the ride-sharing industry and the urgent need for stringent safety measures to protect passengers.



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