On International Women’s Day: Here Are 5 Shows That Celebrate Women

Raghad Khaled
On International Women's Day: Here Are 5 Shows That Celebrate Women

Celebrating women through history!

Women are the essence and backbone of Egyptian society, they represent strength, resilience, and warmth!
So, to celebrate women, here are 5 Egyptian shows that commemorate women’s strength over the years!

5- Meraty Modeer Aam

Hussein, an engineer, faces troubles when his wife Ismat is promoted over him and becomes his manager. As a result of these troubles, their marriage begins to hit obstacles and one of them is forced to quit.

4-Fe Shaket Masr El Gedida


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Nagwa, a naive music teacher from Minya, takes the chance of coming to Cairo to search for her long-lost teacher by tracking down her apartment. When she does so, she finds a single man living there, and they look for her teacher together!


3- Afwah W Araneb


Neema to escapes Mansoura because her brother in Law wants to marry her off to Al Batawi. There, she finds Mahmoud, who gets infatuated with her because of her skills.

2- Ahla El Awkat

Salma is devasted when her mother dies and she starts receiving cassettes from an unknown sender so, she leaves her stepfather’s house to find the sender of these cassettes.

1- Finding Ola

When Ola gets divorced, she embarks on a self-discovery journey while trying to make ends meet to support her two children.


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