“Our Ancient Language” Program Teaches Egyptians Hieroglyphics

Raghad Khaled

A New TV Progam Aims To Teach Egyptians Hieroglyphics!

Huda Abdel Aziz, an Egyptian Presenter launches a New TV Program to teach Arabic and English speakers Hieroglyphics!

Abdel Aziz explains how in her show, Egypt is saturated with ancient temples infused with hieroglyphic scripts and stresses the importance of understanding the hieroglyphic scripts which are on every ancient temple wall!

Presenting in 10 minutes episodes, she provides an all-ages curriculum that includes an infused dose of hieroglyphics in a simple and easy method that all family members can learn from.

She also presents hieroglyphic translations to Arabic and English translation so non-Arabic speakers can benefit and learn the Ancient language!

The presenter was also inspired by the music from the Inauguration of the Rams Road which took place in 2021!

Additionally, in one of the episodes she provided insights on how to translate and decipher the Rosetta Stone which is currently housed at the British Museum in London.

She argues that this show comes as a counterattack to the Afrocentric movement that is currently trying to dedicate Egyptian history and civilization to West Africans.

She emphasizes that Egyptians’ knowledge of the hieroglyphic language will make them bolder, more knowledgeable, and more informed about their civilization, which will be them able to debate and stand against anyone who tries to steal their history and attribute it to themselves.

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