Protesters at Journalists’ Syndicate Condemn Gaza’s ‘Flour Massacre’ by Israeli Forces

Manar Eissa

The journalists’ syndicate condemns in a protest on Saturday, ‘Flour Massacre”, following by five months of brutal hostilities and genocide, a war crime against the defenseless Palestinians in Gaza.

The  Syndicate stresses that the “flour massacre” carried out by Israeli forces against the “starving” Palestinian people represents a disgrace to humanity and to all those who do not move to lift the siege imposed on the Palestinian people.

Their condemnation sheds light on the broader issue of international complicity in confronting Israeli crimes and the ongoing genocidal war inflicted upon the Palestinians. Despite these grave injustices, the occupation’s attempts to undermine the Palestinian cause persist, met with resounding silence from the international community and continued failure from Arab nations.

The syndicate strongly urges the immediate lifting of the siege on the Gaza Strip and the prompt delivery of essential food and medical aid. Furthermore, it calls for unrestricted access for journalists from Egypt, the Arab world, and all nations to report from Gaza, alongside their Palestinian counterparts.

Emphasizing the gravity of depriving Gazans of food supplies and obstructing aid delivery, the Syndicate condemns these actions as serious violations of international humanitarian law. It appeals to the global conscience to awaken from its prolonged slumber and take decisive action to ensure unimpeded humanitarian access to Gaza.

The syndicate sends a clear message: the world cannot turn a blind eye to the plight of the Palestinian people.





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