Rahma Zein: “I have accused Israel of genocide. I am accusing Israel of genocide. It is genocide”


Rahma Zein Alleges Israel Commits ‘Genocide’ Against Palestinians and Challenges Piers Morgan’s Pro-Israel Stance

Following the viral interview with Bassem Youssef, Piers Morgan engages in a compelling conversation with Egypt’s Rahma Zein to delve into the complex issues surrounding the Gaza war…

“The United States has given permission for Israel to [commit] genocide on the ground,” said Rahma Zein.

“I have accused Israel of genocide. I am accusing Israel of genocide. It is genocide,” Zein insisted.

“Israel has the right to defend itself,” exclaimed Morgan.

But Zein fired back at Morgan: “Against what? Against women and children? How many Palestinians died?”

“The sick relationship between the US and Israel is putting the whole world in Jeopardy,” Zein stressed.

The Western World was raising Israel as “a spoiled brat” that has violated international law time and again, she added.

“You and the Western media are unable to say no to a country that has grown up to be “a sociopath,” Zein, the editor-in-chief of Scoop Empire, told Morgan.

Zein Insisted it is not a war between two sides..

“I have people in New York who called me and said they were fired from their jobs because she declared support for the Palestinians,” she said.

Anchors and producers in the West are emailing their networks asking why they are not showing the other side.

“Why aren’t you showing the other side?” she challenged Morgan.

Not a “war between two sides”!

The current conflict in Gaza “is not a war,” she insisted, in responding to his attempts to talk about “a war between two sides.”

“A war assumes that both sides are on equal footing,” she lambasted Morgan for attempting to equate “violence on both sides,” she said.

Israel ignores UN resolutions, has the backing of the United States, the backing of the European Union, and the backing of Britain that started this whole farce,” Zein reminded Morgan.

Zein finally drops mic..

“I hear you and I appreciate your opinion,” Morgan said.

“Call for a ceasefire then!” Zein told Morgan.

“That’s not my job. My job is to interview people on the issue,” Morgan responded.

“Your job seems to be conducting sensational interviews,” Zein said as she took off her mic.


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