Rakeen Saad Shares Cute Behind The Scene Moments From “Safah El Giza”


Rakeen Saad, a key figure behind the success of the hit series “Safa7 el Giza,” is treating fans to an exclusive peek behind the scenes.

@rakeensaad من كواليس مسلسل #سفاح_الجيزة 🩸🔥🎥🎬.. اليوم الحلقة الخامسة و السادسة على @Ahmad Fahmy @Shahid ♬ Lw – Samar Tarik

With her, you’ll delve into the world of funny moments, witness the intricate proceses of special effects makeup, and uncover a treasure trove of captivating behind-the-scenes moments. Get ready for a journey that reveals the magic that goes into making this remarkable series come to life!


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